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Technicians Skilled in Classic & Import Repairs

Bob Heybrock established Greensboro’s latest edition of Classic Import Auto Service in July of 2013. At the time, Bob was using space in a local towing company. He wanted to focus on their mutual love for working on classic cars and imports.

Their dream became a reality when they found the location at 112 Winola Court in Greensboro, and they wasted no time purchasing the necessary equipment and setting up shop.

Meet Bob Heybrock, Owner

Bob has professionally worked on foreign cars in Greensboro since 1983 and specifically on European vehicles since 1986. He opened the first incarnation of Classic Import Auto Service in 1990 with his wife, Mary. They ran the shop together until 2002, when she decided to pursue a career in real estate. Bob continued working on cars but sold the business in 2005, and was on his own until July 2013 when an employee drew him to be a business owner once again.

Bob takes pride in how he built his business and the way he fixes cars. For him, it’s always been about building relationships with customers—whom he prefers to consider clients and friends.